Sir Irisch Moos

Sir Irisch Moos was established in 1969 and is manufactured by Mäurer and Wirtz who also  are behind Tabac. Sir Irisch Moos is an iconic German grooming product line made specifically for classic wet shaving.

The scent of Sir Irisch Moos is completely different from most other shaving products on the market. It has a distinctive and classic scent that is very pure and refreshing. Mäurer and Wirtz describe the scent as being a mixture of patchouli, cedar, and geranium topped with citrus and rosemary. The fresh scent brings a piece of Ireland into everyday life.

In the series, you will find Shaving cream, Shaving soap, Aftershave in both Balm and Lotion, Deodorant Spray, and Deodorant Stick.

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