Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

Discover a shaving cream created especially for sensitive skin that lifts your shaving experience to new heights!

Our range of shaving creams are designed to give you the perfect blend of smoothness, protection and gentle care so you can achieve a close and comfortable shave every time. Whether you prefer a classic wet shave or a modern approach, we're sure to have a shaving cream that's the ideal choice for you!

At, we understand the importance of choosing the right products for sensitive skin. That is why we have selected shaving creams that are formulated with gentle ingredients to minimize the risk of irritation and discomfort after shaving.

Our shaving creams for sensitive skin are free of harsh chemicals and contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin soft, smooth and well-groomed.

With our selection of shaving creams, you are guaranteed a rich and creamy foam experience that provides optimal glide and protection during shaving. The soft texture makes it easy to lather up, either with your hands or a shaving brush, and creates a rich lather that effectively lifts stubble and prepares the skin for a close shave without irritation or redness.

The shaving creams for sensitive skin have the added advantage of gently exfoliating the skin. By using a shaving brush to apply and lather the shaving cream, you help remove dead skin cells and loosen ingrown hairs, resulting in an even smoother and more comfortable shave.

Can be used in the following way:
Apply an appropriate amount of shaving cream to your face and use a shaving brush to lather up in circular motions. Massage the foam into the skin to lift stubble and create a protective barrier against the razor blade. Enjoy the comfortable and gentle shave that our shaving creams for sensitive skin give you, and achieve a high-quality result every time.

Whether you are new to wet shaving or experienced, our selection of shaving creams for sensitive skin will surely be your reliable partner for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Pamper your skin with the care it deserves and get a shave that is both effective and gentle!

Proraso Shaving Cream - Sensitive, Green Tea & Oats, 150 ml.
Protects your skin optimally during your shave.
Before 7.30 €
Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream, No. 10 Finest, 200 ml.
Gentle and nourishing Shaving Cream for a close shave.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Jermyn Street, 150 gr.
A super delicious Shaving Cream. Specially made for sensitive skin.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Organic, 150 gr.
Super delicious Shaving Cream. Without scent / scent free.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Jermyn Street, 75 ml.
Shaving Cream in the lovely Jermyn street series. For sensitiv skin. Travel Size.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Jermyn Street, 75 gr.
The fantastic Jermyn Street Shaving Cream. Travel size.
Mühle Shaving Cream, Aloe Vera, 75 ml.
Shaving Cream for sensitive skin. Protects optimally.
Saponificio Bignoli Shaving Cream, Neutro, 175 gr.
Extremely moisturizing shaving cream. Perfume-free and fragrance-free.
Set with Shaving Cream and Aftershave Splash for sensitive skin.
Before 66.70 €
Proraso Gift Set, Duo Pack, Shaving Cream & Aftershave Balm, Sensitive
Gift box with Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm in the Sensitive series.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream, Jermyn Street, 5 ml., SAMPLE
Sample on Taylor's Shaving Cream in the Jermyn Street series.