Sampar Paris Age Antidote

Join the fight against aging with the Sampar Paris Age Antidote range.

These advanced skin care products are designed to target and fight visible signs of aging and improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Sampar Paris Age Antidote formulas are enriched with powerful antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and hydrating ingredients that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots while promoting healthy, radiant skin.

Whether you want to prevent early signs of aging or repair existing damage, Sampar Paris Age Antidote is the perfect choice for you who want an effective and luxurious anti-aging skin care routine.

Sampar The impossible C-Rum, 30 ml.
5-in-1: Firmness, anti-wrinkle, moisture, dark spots and radiance.
Sampar Eye Rule, 10 ml.
Liquid anti-age lotion for the entire eye area.
Sampar The Impossible Eye Care, 4.8 ml.
Anti-age eye cream that minimizes dark circles and puffiness.
Sampar Nocturnal Line up Mask, 50 ml.
Revitalizing anti-wrinkle mask for the night.
Sampar Skin Returning Sleeping Mask, 2 x 50 ml.
Effective 2-in-1 night mask. Tightens and hydrates.
Sampar Nocturnal Line up Mask, Sample, 3 ml.
Revitalizing anti-wrinkle mask for the night.