RazoRock The Stallion

At this site, we are showing the products in the series The Stallion from Italian RazoRock.

The product series is named after Anthony Esposito, who is a friend of RazoRock and known as "The Stallion" in the traditional wet shaving environment. It is Anthony's passion, positive radiance, and energy that is the main reason why RazoRock created the products. Anthony is a success both personally and professionally because he understands that gratitude is the ultimate rule if one wants to succeed. If you don't know Anthony, we recommend that you watch some of his videos. Then you will quickly understand what RazoRock is talking about.

In the series, you will find Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.

The scent is inspired by AdP Oud. Although not identical to AdP, it is a competitor that men will surely love. For those who know Anthony, it is appropriate to end this description with: WOOHOO !!!

RazoRock The Stallion Shaving Soap, 125 ml.
Get a tight and smooth shave with no irritations. Soft texture.
Set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
Before 42.60 €