RazoRock Soap & Shampoo

At this site, you will find RazoRock's Soaps and Shampoos. The assortment includes body shampoo, hair shampoo, beard shampoo, and practical soaps.

The luxurious soaps are made in collaboration with an Italian soap manufacturer in Northern Lombardy. They are made without the use of dyes, preservatives, or chemical cleaners. The 100% natural soaps have an organic and palm-free base. This gives a strong and creamy foam that leaves your body clean and fresh.

RazoRock's luxury hair shampoo is available in two variants: one with a scent of lime and one with a scent of lavender. They wash, cleanse, and provide optimal care so that your hair looks healthy and beautiful.

If you have a beard, try the beard shampoo that keeps your beard clean, fresh, and fragrant all day long.
RazoRock XXX Soap, 100 gr.
100% natural soap. Keeps you clean and fragrant.
RazoRock Son of Zeus Soap, 100 gr.
Natural, delicious soap with a great scent.
RazoRock The Rock Soap, 100 gr.
Scent of pure, soothing oils and extracts from Tuscany.
RazoRock Florida Breeze Soap, 100 gr.
A fresh and delicious citrus scent!
RazoRock Thermal Mud Soap, 100 gr.
Mild scent. Good for oily skin.
RazoRock Exfoliating Soap, 100 gr.
Exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.
RazoRock Sandalwood Soap, 100 gr.
Cleanses the skin. Leaving a delicious, masculine scent of sandalwood.
RazoRock Sensitive Skin Soap, 100 gr.
Made of 100% natural ingredients. With Aloe Vera.
RazoRock Luxury Shampoo, Lime, 200 ml.
A super delicious hair shampoo with a refreshing scent.
RazoRock Luxury Shampoo, Lavender, 200 ml.
Great hair shampoo with scent of lavender.
RazoRock La Barba Beard Shampoo, Citrus, 120 ml.
A really delicious beard shampoo for all types of beards.