RazoRock For Chicago

At this site, you will find the products in the For Chicago series from Italian RazoRock.

The products are handmade in Italy and created with an inspiration from the American metropolis, Chicago. RazoRock once had a partner in Chicago selling RazoRock products. However, the relationship with this partner gradually deteriorated due to divergent values and attitudes, and the cooperation was discontinued.

Thanks to the Internet, many Chicago customers continued to buy RazoRock's products. Therefore, the product line was created as a thank you to the passionate and loyal people in the city who continued to support RazoRock even though it wasn't possible to buy the products locally any more.

In the series, you will find Shaving Soap and Aftershave. The label shows the city's architecture, boulevards, and the waters of Lake Michigan.

RazoRock For Chicago Shaving Soap, 150 ml.
A tribute to the wet shaving enthusiasts in Chicago. Soft texture.
RazoRock For Chicago Aftershave Splash, 100 ml.
A tribute to Chicago. Has a refreshing effect on the skin.
Set with Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash.
Before 34.70 €