Proshave Beard Set with Beard Brush (Boar) and Mr. Bear Beard Oil (Citrus)

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This set contains products that ensure you a nice, well-groomed beard.

The set contains the following 2 products:

1) Proshave Beard Brush, Boar
This Proshave beard brush is made with a brush of boar. It removes dirt, dust and excess product from the beard, so it always appears healthy and well-groomed.

A beard brush distributes your beard oil or balm evenly, has an exfoliating effect on the skin under the beard and therefore minimizes dryness and itching.

Proshave's beard brush is made in a practical travel size.

2) Mr. Bear Citrus Beard Oil, 30 ml.
Softens and cares for both beard and skin, and helps relieve redness, irritation, itching and dry skin. The beard oil moisturizes and makes the beard easy to comb and also gives a softer and more lush look.

Made from 100% natural ingredients.

Has a fresh and delicious scent of citrus.
30 ml.
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