Percy Nobleman Set for Beard Care

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We have put together this set with everything you need in connection with your daily beard care: namely products for cleaning, care and protection of the beard.

The set contains 3 products:

1) Percy Nobleman Beard Shampoo, 100 ml.
Start by using the delicious Beard Wash. It cleanses the image, but maintains the balance with good, natural oils. Makes the beard soft, strong and clean. Contains a blend of sesame, shea and coconut oil as well as fresh, essential citrus oils - A perfect wake-up call!

2) Percy Nobleman Beard Softener, 100 ml.
After cleansing, it's time to nurture and treat the beard with Percy's Beard Softener. It acts as a conditioner that should sit in the beard for a few minutes before washing out the product. It softens and nourishes the beard and soothes the skin underneath. End with coarse, stride and wild beard hair.

3) Percy Nobleman Beard Oil, Signature Scented, 30 ml.
Finally, Percy's Signature Beard Oil provides protection for your beard, while softening your hair and helping you style to your favorite look, without leaving a greasy residue. The delicious signature scent of tobacco, amber, musk and vanilla will most likely be your new favorite.

Suitable for all skin types.

Made in England.

All the products in the set are vegan.
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