Payot Teens Dream Morning Mask, 19 ml.

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Payot's 'Morning Masks' are a range of sheet masks that give your skin a great start to the day.

Let oily and blemished skin be a thing of the past. "The 'Teens Dream' face mask is a purifying mask that leaves skin looking beautiful and ready in just 15 minutes.

Enriched with tea tree oil extract, it cleanses the skin and tightens the pores. The result is a radiant and more even skin.

You'll love the delicate scents of raspberry and rose, among others.

The face mask is a physical mask, made from eco-friendly Lyocell fibre.

Good for combination and oily skin - especially suitable for teenage skin.

Apply as follows:
- Use it instead of serum once a week.
- Cleanse your skin
- Unfold the mask and remove the protective sheet
- Leave on skin for 15 minutes
- Remove the mask and massage the excess product into the skin until it is absorbed
- Do not rinse
- Then apply your normal moisturiser.

You get one face mask in this pack.
19 ml.
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