Payot Sun Protection

Delicious sunscreens, sun protection and aftersun from French Payot. The products protect your skin and help you get a lasting, brown complexion. Protects against UV rays and keeps the skin nice and moisturized.
Payot Créme Savoureuse, SPF 50, Face, 50 ml.
Delicious sunscreen for the face with high protection.
Payot Créme Devine, SPF 50, Face & Body, 150 ml.
Super delicious sunscreen with SPF50 for both face and body.
Payot Brume Lactée, SPF 30, Face, 100 ml.
Sunscreen on spray. Easy to apply and does not grease.
Payot Refreshing Gelée Coco After Sun, 200 ml.
Cooling aftersun that keeps your tan longer.