Payot Shaving

Payot shaving is a symbol of elegance and quality with a long history in care and shaving.

With a dedicated focus on men's beauty and well-being, Payot offers a comprehensive range of shaving products that combine advanced formulas with luxurious ingredients. From creamy shaving creams to refreshing aftershaves and soothing balms, every Payot shaving product is designed to deliver a close, comfortable and refreshing shave.

With a legacy of excellence and innovation, Payot continues to maintain its position as a leading brand in male grooming. Explore our selection of Payot shaving products and experience the ultimate shaving experience with a brand that has been committed to meeting men's beauty needs for decades.

Payot Optimale Foaming Shaving Gel, 150 ml.
A soft and protective shaving gel that transform into shaving foam.