Payot Hair Care

Payot presents their exclusive range of hair care products, created to nurture and transform your hair with a luxurious experience.

With their innovative formulations and natural ingredients, Payot hair care products offer everything from gentle cleansing to deep-acting care and styling.

Each bottle is filled with nourishing ingredients and a unique blend of actives that leave your hair strong, healthy and beautifully shiny.

Whether you want to revive tired locks, protect colored hair or add volume and shine, Payot hair care products will be your key to achieving beautiful and well-groomed hair, every day.

Enter the world of luxurious hair care with Payot and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make to your hair.

Payot Essentiel Gentle Biome-Friendly Shampoo, 280 ml.
Mild and gentle shampoo with natural ingredients.
Payot Essentiel Biome-Friendly Conditioner, 150 ml.
Delicious conditioner with restorative properties.