Payot Essentiel

Introducing Payot Essentiel, a range of essential skin care products designed to maintain and enhance your daily skin care routine.

With their effective formulas and nourishing ingredients, Payot Essentiel skin care products offer everything from mild cleansers to soothing moisturisers and rejuvenating masks.

Each bottle is filled with carefully selected ingredients that work in harmony with your skin to leave it fresh, hydrated and well cared for.

Whether you want to clean, care or protect your skin, Payot Essentiel skin care products will be your faithful companion in your journey towards healthy and radiant skin, every day.

Payot Essentiel Gentle Biome-Friendly Shampoo, 280 ml.
Mild and gentle shampoo with natural ingredients.
Payot Essentiel Biome-Friendly Conditioner, 150 ml.
Delicious conditioner with restorative properties.