Murad Hydration

At this site, you will find Murad products in the Hydration series.

Murad Hydration is anti-aging products that reduce the signs of genetic aging. The series is for anyone who would like to fight fine lines and wrinkles. The products work by promoting cell renewal, reducing the visibility of deep wrinkles, and adding renewed moisture to the cells. The skin is left with youthful resilience and restored strength.

Among all the exquisite products in the series, you will find day cream, night cream, eye cream, serum, and lip balm.
Famous for its light texture and moisturizing properties.
Before EUR 66.70
The ultimate rescue for the skin. Multi-vitamins for your face.
Before EUR 83.30
Relieves and soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
Before EUR 77.10
Repairing serum for use over night. Anti-age.
Before EUR 87.10
Effective facial cleanser and makeup remover.
Before EUR 43.60
Facial cleanser with exfoliating effect.
Before EUR 46.70
Gentle but effective cleaning foam with a anti-aging effect.
Before EUR 46.20
Moisturizer with effective anti-aging properties.
Before EUR 90.00
Gives the skin a firmer, fuller and younger look.
Before EUR 80.00
Intensely moisturizing water-gel that reduces fine lines.
Before EUR 70.00
Tightening serum that miniomizes signs of skin stress.
Before EUR 106.00
Multifunctional primer. Minimizes visible signs of aging and protects from the sun.
Before EUR 73.70
Extremely moisturizing toner with anti-aging effect.
Before EUR 37.50
Refreshing and moisturizing spray for the face.
Before EUR 40.20
Clinically proven to reduce visible signs of stress such as aging and redness.
Before EUR 92.70
Moisturizer with effective anti-aging properties.
Before EUR 30.00
2 full size products in the Hydration series.
Before EUR 73.50
Trial-size set promotes smooth, hydrated & youthful-looking skin.
Before EUR 39.50