Mühle Gift Sets

Mühle manufactures some of the best shaving equipment in the world, but the assortment also includes absolutely fantastic products that protect your skin during shaving and care for it optimally afterwards. At this site, we are showing the exquisite gift boxes that are ideal as a gift for your husband, boyfriend, partner, dad or just someone you love.

The gift boxes radiate luxury and will undoubtedly bring great joy to the recipient. Some of the gift sets include products for daily shaving and shaving gear, while others include skincare or body products.

All the gift sets come in incredibly beautiful boxes.

Box with Shaving Set, Shaving Cream and Towel.
Before 160.00 €
Mühle Gift Set with 3 Shaving Soaps
Set with 3 Shaving Soaps: Sandalwood, Sea Buckthorn and Aloe Vera.