Mühle Beard Care

Pamper your skin and beard with the MÜHLE beard care range, containing pure plant-based ingredients.

It takes real effort to have a well-groomed beard, as it can be difficult to keep groomed and looking good. On this page, we have gathered the range of beard care products, from the exclusive brand MÜHLE, that are specially made to care for your beard - whether you have a moustache, full beard, pimple beard or moustache.

You may already know MÜHLE for its delicious shaving accessories and now the brand has added a delicious beard care range to the range. These include beard shampoo, beard oil, beard brush and a delicious beard wax, all with a strong focus on naturalness. The products are designed to care for and style your beard, giving it an exclusive and stylish look.

The beard care range contains fine fragrances of bergamot, cedar wood and oak moss, among others, which flatter your nose and accompany you with a fresh and warm scent all day long.

Mühle Beard Shampoo, 200 ml.
Cleansing beard shampoo with fresh scent.
Mühle Beard Oil, 30 ml.
Nourishing beard oil. Softens and gives shine.
Mühle Stubble Balm, 100 ml.
Nourishing balm for shorter beards and stubble.
Mühle Beard Wax, 50 ml.
Beard wax that gives hold and styles the beard.
Mühle Shave Gel, Transparent, 100 ml.
Transparent Shave Gel perfect for precision shaving.
Mühle Beard Brush
Delicious beard brush, which prevents a dry beard.