Mr. Bear Golden Ember

In autumn 2022 Mr. Bear has launched their Classic Selection: Golden Ember. The series covers all needs in every man's daily care routine: Shaving, Beard Care, Facial Care and Hair Care & Styling.

The products in the series have been added with birch leaf extract and thistle oil, which are known for their remarkable and beneficial properties for both skin and hair.

The Golden Ember fragrance has delicious, masculine notes of wood as well as spicy, oriental nuances and a light, smoky twist. Masculine and seductive!

In the series you will find Shaving oil, Shaving cream, Aftershave & Face Lotion, Beard shampoo, Beard oil, Beard wax, Scrub for both face and body, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair wax, Matt Clay and Grooming Spray.

Mr. Bear Beard Wash, Golden Ember, 200 ml.
Moisturizing beard wash with cleansing and soothing effect.
Mr. Bear Beard Brew Oil, Golden Ember, 50 ml.
Makes the beard supple, soft and fragrant, and contains nurturing and natural ingredients.
Mr. Bear Beard Shaper, Golden Ember, 50 ml.
Waterproof styling product with a delicious fragrance that moisturizes the beard and gives it a fuller look.
Mr. Bear Aftershave & Face Lotion, Golden Ember, 50 ml.
Soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving or washing.
Mr. Bear Face & Body Scrub, Golden Ember, 100 ml.
Face & Body Scrub that i soothing, exfoliating and leaves the skin smooth and soft.
Mr. Bear Grooming Spray, Golden Ember, 200 ml.
Fragrant and delicious Grooming Spray, which gives the hair both hold and structure.
Mr. Bear Hair Wax, Golden Ember, 100 ml.
Vegan and water-based hair wax. A light hold and matt finish.
Mr. Bear Conditioner, Golden Ember, 250 ml.
Delicious conditioner that adds energy and moisture to the hair.
Mr. Bear Pomade - Matt Clay, Golden Ember, 100 gr.
Water-based and fragrant clay pomade that adds volume to the hair and leaves a matte finish.
Mr. Bear Shampoo, Golden Ember, 250 ml.
Strengthening shampoo with a delicious masculine scent made from natural ingredients.
Mr. Bear Shaving Cream, Golden Ember, 75 ml.
Delicious and pleasant Shaving Cream with a masculine scent.
Mr. Bear Perfume, Golden Ember, 50 ml.
Delicious fragrance with spicy and oriental nuances.
Mr. Bear Perfume, Golden Ember, Sample, 2 ml.
Delicious fragrance with spicy and oriental nuances.