Molecule 04 Scents

Molecule 04 is part of the 04 fragrance pair that also includes Escentric 04. The fragrances were made by the fantastic perfumer Geza Schoen in 2017.

Molecule 04 is built around the pure essence of just one single aroma molecule. The molecule is called Javanol and is a sandalwood molecule with a futuristic freshness. Javanol has a radiance and durability like natural sandalwood, but it is created in a laboratory. Schoen states the following about Javanol: "What I love about Javanol is its almost psychedelic freshness. It smells like liquid, metallic grapefruit peel combined with velvety, cream colored roses".

In many ways, Javanol is similar to the Iso E Super used in the 01 scents. The smell of Javanol comes and goes. You will find that you lose the ability to smell the molecule after a short time but that you can smell it later on.

The scent is perfect for both women and men.

In the series you will find 100 ml, 30 ml. and 30 ml. refill.

Molecule 04, 100 ml.
A really delicious sandalwood scent.
Molecule 04 in metal box, 30 ml.
A lovely sandalwood scent in practical metal box.
Molecule 04, Refill, 30 ml.
Molecule 04 refill for metal box.