Molecule 03 Scents

Molecule 03 is made by the fantastic perfumer Geza Schoen. The 03 scents are significantly different from 01 and 02 and are not what one expects from Escentric Molecules.

Molecule 03 is built around the pure essence of only one single aroma molecule. The molecule is called Vetiveryl Acetate and is a refined vetyver. It has a woody and grassy scent of vetyver, but it is softer. The scent can best be described as bitter-fresh.

Molecule 03 consists exclusively of Vetiveryl Acetate (80%) and alcohol (20%) and is a perfectly pure and simple scent.

It comes in different versions: 100 ml. in a glass vial, 30 ml. in a metal box, and as a body-wash.

Molecule 03, Refill, 30 ml.
Molecule 03 refill for metal box.
Molecule 03, 100 ml.
A unique and personal scent.
Molecule 03 in metal box, 30 ml.
Comes in super nice metal box. Brilliant in the toilet bag.