Molecule 01 Scents

Molecule 01 is not a perfume, but rather a scent aura. It is unique and changes depending on who is wearing it.

Molecule 01 contains only 1 single molecular substance. The molecular substance is called Iso E super. Iso E super usually appears in a small dose in many ordinary perfumes, and it is what makes a fragrance last. Iso E super develops only in contact with the warm skin, which gives the wearer a special and exotic radiance.

You notice a hint of pleasant and velvety wood notes that comes in waves for up to 10 hours. The scent is unisex and can be used by both women and men.

It comes in different versions: 30 ml. in a metal box, 100 ml. in a glass vial, 100 ml. in a metal box, and 30 ml. in a refill box.

Molecule 01, 100 ml.
A hint of comfortable and velvety soft notes.
Molecule 01 in metal box, 30 ml.
Comes in super nice metal box. Brilliant in the toilet bag.
Molecule 01, Refill, 30 ml.
Molecule 01 refill for metal box.