Ling New York Skin Tonic

At this site, we are showing the assortment of skin tonic and toners from Ling New York. Ling New York does not  use the name "skin tonic" for the products that you will find below, but instead they are called "Hydrators" - ie moisturizers.

Ling's Hydrators are not like your conventional skin tonic with alcohol or astringent properties. They are specialized moisturizers designed to penetrate deeply into the skin, saturate, and retain moisture in even the lowest layers of skin. Ling New York believes that sufficient moisture in these layers will balance the skin. In other words, this means that impurities will be reduced, and oil glands will be minimized. You will achieve a much nicer and healthier skin with lots of glow.

Ling New York makes traditional Asian beauty products with natural, state-of-the-art ingredients. The product assortment sets new standards for what natural skincare can attain. So if you are in search of efficient products for your skin and daily skin care, you should definitely try out these products.

Skintonic for delicate and oily skin.
Before 56.70 €
Skintonic for normal and dry skin. Reduces fine lines.
Before 56.70 €
Skintonic, moisturizer and facial oil in one product.
Before 83.40 €