LEA Shaving Cream

At this site, we are showing the exquisite shaving creams from LEA.

The shaving creams can be used with or without a shaving brush. Whichever version you choose, you are guaranteed a close, smooth, and comfortable shave with a minimum of irritation.

You will find shaving creams in a tube and in a jar. Some of them even come with a brush. Super convenient and easy to bring with you when you're on the go.
LEA Shaving Cream on tube, 150 gr.
Shaving cream for shaving brush.
LEA Shaving Cream, Menthol, 150 gr.
Provides a smooth shave and adds refreshness.
LEA Precision Shaving Cream, 75 ml.
Transparent and non-foaming. Perfect for precision shaving.
LEA Classic Shaving Cream on Tube, 100 gr.
Delicious shaving cream for a wonderful shave.
LEA Classic Shaving Cream in Metal jar, 150 gr.
Delicious shaving cream for a wonderful shave.