LEA Razor Blades and Scrapers

At this site, we are showing the exquisite scrapers and razor blades from LEA. The advantage of replacing your normal scraper with a LEA scraper is that you will save a lot of money!

You will find scrapers to be used with LEA's razor blades with 5 + 1 blades and razor blades with 3 blades. In addition, LEA has also made disposable scrapers.

The common denominator for all variants is that they give you a close, smooth, and comfortable shave with a minimum of irritation. In addition, the prices are very low, so you get a nice shave for very little money.
Set with Razor & 4 pcs. Razor Blades.
Before EUR 21.20
Set with Razor & 4 pcs. Razor Blades.
Before EUR 13.20
Set with Razor & 2 pcs. Razor Blades.
Before EUR 16.00
LEA Perfect 3, Razor and 1 Blade (3 blades)
Multiblade-razor. Uses LEA Perfect 3 Razor Blades.
LEA Evolution 6, Razor and 1 Blade (6 + 1 blade)
Multiblade-razor. Uses LEA Evolution 6 Razor Blades.
LEA Evolution 6, Cartridge with 4 Razor Blades (6 + 1 blade)
Razor Blades with 6 + 1 blades for LEA Evolution 6 Razor.
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Cartridges (3 blades), Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 3 razor. Gives an easily and gently shave.
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Razor and 1 Blade (3 blades), Women
Razor for women. Gives an easy and gentle shave without irritations.
LEA Traditional, Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.
Classic Double Edge Blades for your Safety Razor.
Multiblade-razor. Note: Will be discontinued when sold out.
Before EUR 6.60
The perfect set for body shaving.
Before EUR 18.40