LEA Evolution 6 Set, Razor & Razor Blades

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Set with LEA Evolution razor and associated razor blades.

Evolution 6 is a multi-blade razor from LEA, which has 6 + 1 blades.

That it is 6 + 1 blades means that the razor has 6 blades and one trimmer, which means that you can easily straighten the edges of your sideburns or the like.

The razor blades have a strip of emollient oils and vitamin E, which may dig a comfortable shave with a minimum of irritation.

The razor has an ergonomic handle that provides a good grip.

Comes in a practical holder that can hold both a razor and a blade.

The set contains razor incl. 1 razor blade and an extra pack of 4 sharp razor blades.
Razor type:
LEA Perfect 6 (6+1)
Number of blades:
Item number:LEA-SÆT2