LEA Soft 3 & 5 Sensitive

Achieve a gentle and comfortable shave with LEA Soft 3 or 5 razors and blades.

These custom-designed blades are specifically made for women with sensitive skin who desire an effective shave without irritation.

With their sharp and precise blades, LEA Soft Sensitive Razors provide a smooth and gentle shave, leaving the skin soft and well-groomed. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and stable grip, making shaving a pleasant experience.

LEA Soft Sensitive blades are the ideal choice for women who want a gentle yet sharp shave.

The Difference Between LEA Soft 3 and LEA Soft 5
The attachment technology is the same, but as the name indicates, the Soft 3 has three blades, while the Soft 5 has five blades.

LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Cartridges (3 blades), Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 3 razor. Gives an easily and gently shave.
LEA Soft 5 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Razor Blades, Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 5 razor. Gives an easily shave.
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Razor and 1 Blade (3 blades), Women
Razor for women. Gives an easy and gentle shave without irritations.
Set with Razor & 2 pcs. Razor Blades.
Before 15.90 €