Golden Beards Beard Balm, Big Sur, 60 ml.

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This beard balm is part of the Golden Beards product line.

The balm is made from 100% high quality organic ingredients. The balm has the same successful formula as the beautiful beard oil, but the texture is more creamy.

It nourishes both your beard and skin underneath, adding plenty of moisture.

The balm also stimulates beard growth and already after a shorter period you will notice a difference.

The balm is named after Big Sur in California. A beautiful landscape with both sea and mountains, which is precisely the scent the beard oil leads to.

Use as follows:
- Start by taking from a small amount of balm with one finger.
- Rub it between the palms until it is easy to work with.
- Pass it through your beard
- Finish using a beard comb or beard brush to shape the beard as you wish
60 ml.
Item number:GB252