Geo F. Trumper Accessories

Geo F. Trumper is recognized for manufacturing some of the very best products for men's daily shaving and grooming routine. Of course, Trumper has also created a number of exquisite accessories that make the experience quite extraordinary.

In the assortment of accessories you will find beautiful combs, scented candles with the scent of rum or whiskey, fantastic gift boxes, pouches for your scraper, scuttle to make your own, warm shaving foam - and much more.

All the products are made from ingredients and materials in the absolute top range. The products reflect retro and classic design, but they are very efficient, and you won't make a mistake when you choose Geo F. Trumper.

Geo F Trumper Gift Set, Limes
Set with Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Shaving Cream and Cologne.
Geo F Trumper Scented Candle, Aged Rum
Scented candles with scent of dark rum.
Geo F Trumper Scented Candle, Whiskey
Scented candles with warm scent of quality whiskey.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 5", Horn
Comb of horns with fine and coarse teeth.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 5”, Ivory
Comb with scattered teeth. Good for coarse hair types.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 7”, Horn
Comb of horn with fine and coarse teeth.
Geo F Trumper Pump for 500 ml. bottle
Practical pump for 500 ml. bottles. Makes dosing easy.