Gentlemens Tonic Classic Shave Cream, 100 ml.

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A really nice shaving cream for a close shave.

The shaving cream soothes the skin and adds moisture. The optimum protection and softens the stubble, giving you a close and comfortable shave

Shaving cream contains the following ingredients:

Babassu, which is derived from babassupalmekerner comes from the Brazilian Amazon region. Forms a protective, soothing layer. Exposes skin aging signs, helps with cell renewal and prevents collagen breakdown. Contains soothing, softening properties and works cool after application.

Bergamot trees, which originate in Italy's southernmost tip, grow in fertile pockets between steep cliffs. Great skin conditioner. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help maintain the skin's healthy complexion. Fine and clear citrus scent, known for its uplifting and liberating effect

Grape seed
oil : A light, non-sticky oil that forms a fantastic moisturizing barrier between the skin and the leaf.

Aloe vera:
Cools and has natural healing properties that prevent burning and redness after shaving.

Rose oil and coconut butter:
High nutritional vitamin E content and amazing moisturizing, softening properties.
100 ml.
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