Floris Santal

At this site, you will find the products in the Santal series by Floris, which is a sweet, woody, and oriental scent.

Santal is a woody and oriental fragrance for men. Santal opens with a mix of crispy bergamot, lemon zest, and fresh, green notes. It achieves a pleasant warmth from spices complemented by lavender and sensual woody notes. The fragrant oriental base is a perfect combination of incense, musk, and vanilla.

Floris Family Anecdotes:
The scent of Santal derives its inspiration from a sandalwood scent originally created in the 19th century. The scent, however, has acquired a characteristic modern touch.

In this series, you will find Eau de Toilette, Aftershave Lotion, and Aftershave Balm.

Floris Santal, Aftershave, 100 ml.
Fragrant aftershave. Closes the pores and refreshes the skin.