Floris Platinum22

On this page you will find the products in the delicious series from Floris called Platinum22.

A fresh and unique fragrance, launched in 2022 in honor of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Anniversary.

The perfume smells of fresh flowers, trees and musk. It opens with top notes of cool orris, oats, lime and with a hint of black currant. The heart notes consist of full-bodied rose with violet leaves, sage, black tea and finally a touch of black pepper. Finally, the scent has base notes consisting of cedar enriched by a harmony of soft amber, musk and tonka bean.

Floris Family Anecdotes:
Platinum22 is in honor of Her Majesty and is inspired by the many uplifting experiences and events that the Queen has experienced during her remarkable reign. At the same time, the flowers in the Queen's beautiful gardens have provided inspiration for this unique fragrance.
Fresh and floral scent. Tribute to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Anniversary.
Before EUR 2.75
Floris Platinum22, Eau de Parfum, 100 ml.
Fresh and floral fragrance. Tribute to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee.