Floris 71/72 x Turnbull & Asser

71/72 is a perfume for the stylish and discerning gentleman. Floris has made it in collaboration with the English shirtmaker (tailor) Turnbull & Asser who is recognized for producing top quality handmade shirts. The collaboration began in the spring of 2015 when the owner of Turnbull & Asser asked Floris to create a small batch of scent they could deliver to the golden clientele in the store. The fragrance proved to be a great success, and the company decided to start manufacturing it so that more men could benefit from the amazing drops.

The fragrance is named after the Turnbull & Asser flagship store, located at 71/72 Jermyn Street in London. This is a fresh, woody, and bold fragrance that caters to the stylish and discerning gentleman who will not compromise on neither dress nor fragrance.

The scent opens with a sharp aromatic lift of juniper, which blends with pure citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot. Then we meet soft floral notes of jasmine and lavender as well as more earthy notes of orris and oud. The fragrance finishes with woody and spicy notes that constantly develop in contact with the skin, ensuring a warm, sensual aura.