Féret Parfumeur

The Féret Parfumeur products are synonymous with French quality at its very best. Féret Parfumeur was founded in 1865 by Monsieur Féret. The main activity of the company was to manufacture and distribute luxury perfumes and beauty products from exclusive French brands such as Cutex, Pantène, Pétrole Hahn, Nivea, Bourjois, and Colgate.

Féret Parfumeur also started to make Alum Blocks (Bloc Hyalin) and Hand Cream (Hyalomiel), which have since become favorites for many people around the world.

Féret Parfumeur achieved worldwide prestige until the death of Monsieur Féret in the 1970s. Then, the company lost its distribution agreements but continued to manufacture its own products: Bloc Hyalin and Hyalomiel. You can now buy these classic and traditional high-quality products at Proshave.com.