Escentric 02 Scents

Molecule 02 is part of the 02 series that also includes Escentric 02. The scents are not actual perfumes but, instead, fantastic and unique scent auras.

Molecule 02 contains the pure essence of only one single aroma molecule: ambroxane. Ambroxane has a chemical structure that is identical to ambrox derived from ambergris. For centuries, Ambergris has been the most prestigious ingredient in perfumes. It is a mysterious substance that comes from sperm whales. The substance gets its fine scent as it matures in the sea. Nowadays, ambergris is only found very rarely, and, instead, aroma molecules similar to ambergris are created in laboratories.

Escentric 02 consists of 65% ambroxane, and other ingredients are added to support the scent. These include: violet root, tulip, heidione, veyiver, musk, and citrus notes.

It comes in different versions: 100 ml. in a glass vial, 30 ml. in a metal box, 30 ml. in a refill box, and in a body-wash.

Escentric 02, Refill, 30 ml.
Escentric 02 refill for metal box.
Escentric 02, 100 ml.
A unique and innovative scent.
Escentric 02 in metal box, 30 ml.
Comes in super nice metal box. Brilliant in the toilet bag.