Dovo Straight Razor 5/8, Spanish point, Barbarossa, Short, Ebony

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Really nice straight razor from Dovo, which ensures you an old-school shave in the best way.

The blade of this razor is slightly shorter than the normal straight razors.

The Straight Razor is made with a handle in beautiful ebony, which is a natural and very durable material.

The blade is forged from top quality Full Hollow Ground Carbon steel, which ensures a close shave.

The width of the blade is 5/8 and the tip is a Spanish point, which gives an exclusive look.

The fine engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa adds a beautiful flair to this unique razor.

When you buy a straight razor, it is sharpened by the manufacturer. However, this is no guarantee that it is 100% "shave-ready" and we therefore always recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to strap a razor so that you are able to strap and maintain it. Read our guide here
14.5 cm x 2.4 cm x 1.1 cm
Razor type:
Straight Razor
Item number:10580086