Daimon Barber Shaving

Below, we are showing the fantastic assortment of shaving products from Daimon Barber.

The products for a great shave include an exfoliating face cleanser, a rich shaving cream, and a luxurious aftershave balm. By combining natural plant extracts and oils with advanced laboratory research, Daimon Barber has developed amazing products that ensure you a super close and comfortable shave every single day.

Daimon Barber also produces a multi-blade scraper with 6 blades, razor blades, and a scraper stand. You will find both products and shaving equipment from this English brand.

Daimon Barber Shave Cream, 100 ml.
A rich and moisturizing shaving cream.
Daimon Barber Post Shave Balm, 100 ml.
A cooling aftershave balm, with a refreshing effect.
Daimon Barber Precision Razor System
Multi-blade Razor with 5 + 1 blades. 1 razor and 3 razor blades.
Daimon Barber Precision Razor Blades, 4 pcs.
4 razor blades with 5 + 1 blades for your Daimon Barber razor.
Daimon Barber Razor Stand
Small stand for Daimon Barber Multi-blade Razor.