Christmas presents for your grandmother

What are you giving your grandmother for Christmas this year? You may know the feeling of having a bad conscience regarding your lovely grandmother or grandmother, because it is often in the context of her Christmas gift that you take the easy solution.

Your grandmother has been up for years, so don't forget her. On the contrary, she appreciates her as long as she is still here. This year, therefore, you need to find a gift that fits your grandmother perfectly. A gift that shows that you know her really well and have actually thought of her during this sweet Christmas season.

Undoubtedly, Proshave has the ideal gift for grandma or grandmother. We have a number of delicious products that give her optimal self-pampering. Amazing hand soaps and hand creams are definitely something she will appreciate. The same goes for delicious gift boxes with exciting products she has not tried before. Scroll through the selection here and be inspired by what your dear grandmother needs during the Christmas tree this year.
Floris Rosa Centifolia, Hand Cream, 75 ml.
Lovely hand cream with a delicious scent.
Floris Chypress, Hand Cream, 75 ml.
Super delicious and fragrant hand cream.
Floris Set with Luxury Hand Soap & Hand Lotion, Rosa Centifolia
Brilliant in the bathroom or in the kitchen!
Before EUR 56.30
Klar Seifen Bath Soap for Women, With cord, 250 gr.
Scented bath soap in practical cotton cord.
Klar Seifen Soap, Lime Flower and Rhubarb, 135 gr.
Soothing soap with scent of linden flower and rhubarb.
Before EUR 22.70
Klar Seifen Gift Box for Women
Bath Soap, Hand Soap, Soap and Washcloth in a delicious set.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Gift Set with Hand Soaps, 3 pcs.
Gift Set with Rose, Lavender and Lemon Hand Soap.
Merkur Corn and Callus Razor
Effectively removes hard skin on feet and heels.
Floris Gift Set, Soap Collection
Set of 6 luxury soaps from Floris.
Floris Gift Set, Mini Candle Set
Gift set with three exclusive scented candles.
Floris Gift Set, Bath Essentials, Rose Geranium
Bath Essence and Soap in the Rose Geranium series.
Floris Gift Set, Single Soap, Rose Geranium
Fragrant luxury soap in super fine packaging. Perfect hostess gift.
Floris Gift Set, Reed Diffuser Set, Cinnamon & Tangerine
Elegant fragrance diffuser that creates a subtle scent in your home.
Floris Gift Set, Treatment Set, Chypress
Hand cream and Eau de Toilette in the series Chypress.
Floris Gift Set, Fragrance Set, A Rose for…
A Rose For... in two sizes: one for the bathroom and one for the bag.
Floris Gift Set, Christmas Cracker
Scent A Rose For... in super atmospheric packaging.
Floris Gift Set, Moisturiser Set, Edwardian Bouquet
Bodylotion and Eau de Toilette in the series Edwardian Bouquet.