Bluebeards Revenge Razor & Shaving Brush

At this site, you will find luxury scrapers and razors from Bluebeards Revenge; high quality products made of the best materials.

The scrapers use the so-called DE razor blades - ie the real old-school razor blades that are sharp on both sides. Bluebeards also has a Shavette if you want to use one for your daily shave. They use the regular Double Edge razor blades, but the blades must be broken in the middle before being inserted into the shavette. Do you prefer shaving with a Straight Razor? Of course, Bluebeards also has some amazing and exclusive Straight Razors in their assortment.

Use a shaving brush to lather your shaving soap or shaving cream. The products give the scraper a good glide and you an irritation-free shave. Finish with your favorite Aftershave to complete the ultimate shave.