Bluebeards Revenge Alum Block, 75 gr.

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The Ultimate Alum Block for Real Men.

Whether we like it or not, tears and cuts can be hard to avoid in a traditional wet shave.

Fortunately, we have a helping hand if the accident is out!

This alum block from Bluebeards Revenge is nature's remedy for minor injuries. It stops bleeding, closes the pores and protects the skin long after your shave.

The bactericidal properties of the block soothe redness and relieve irritation. You will experience a cooling and refreshing sensation that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Use as follows:
- Wet the block
- Gently rub into the skin where the damage has occurred
- Improve yourself that it may stick slightly into the skin to start. That is why it is only for real men.
75 gr.
60 x 38 x 25 mm.
Potassium Alum.
Item number:BBRALUM