Ariana & Evans Khalifa

On this page we have collected the delicious products in the series Khalifa from Ariana & Evans. In the series you will find both Shaving Soap and Aftershave with matching fragrance, so you have a complete set that gives you a unique shaving experience.

Khalifa is a niche fragrance with a lot of character. It is dark, mysterious and a bit smoky.
With notes of tobacco, vanilla, wood, coffee and incense.

Ariana & Evans is a luxury brand with products for a perfect traditional wet shave. A&E produces high performance products with amazing fragrances. Ariana & Evans blurs the lines between traditional wet shaving and high-end niche fragrances. They don't make the boring choice, but try to push the boundaries and create new products that are both unique and uncompromising. The Khalifa range is no exception.

Ariana & Evans Aftershave, Khalifa, 100 ml.
Classic and unique fragrance with notes of wood.
Ariana & Evans Shaving Soap, Khalifa, 118 ml.
Classic and unique fragrance with woody notes.