Ariana & Evans Aftershave, Vanille Vendetta, 100 ml.

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American Ariana & Evans is behind this delicious aftershave.

Ariana & Evans is a relatively new luxury brand with products for a perfect, traditional wet shave. The products have a great performance, excellent fragrances and amazing effect.

This aftershave is part of the Vanille Vendetta range, which is a delicious oriental scent. It has sumptuous notes of spicy vanilla mixed with coriander and juniper berries. In addition, the fragrance also consists of a blend of musk, amber and sandalwood.

The aftershave finishes your daily shave in the best way, refreshes the skin and closes the pores.

Contains alcohol.

Of course, you can find a shaving soap in the same fragrant range.

Made in the USA.
100 ml.
Item number:GG-27630