Aftershave Gel

After shaving, your skin is extra sensitive and needs a lot of care and care. Therefore, it is important to use an aftershave as the last step in your shave.

An aftershave moisturizes and protects the skin. It also tightens your leeks and reduces the risk of redness and irritation. With an aftershave, you thus apply the right amount of moisture and nourishment to your skin.

An Aftershave Gel can be used for all skin types. The advantage of using a gel consistency is that it penetrates the skin quickly without grease. In addition, it has a nurturing, cooling and soothing effect on the skin. With the use of one of our Aftershave Gel, you will surely experience a refreshing and comfortable feeling as well as the feeling of well-being after shaving. In other words, an Aftershave Gel gives you exactly what your skin needs.

Find your favorite among our delicious selection of Aftershave Gel. You will find products from Esbjerg Vienna, Mondial Shaving and Taylor Of Old Bond Street.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Aftershave Gel, Sandalwood, 75 ml.
A delicious classic non-alcoholic Aftershave Gel with sandalwood scent.
Etch Post-Shave Repair gel, Thaw, 250 ml.
Provides revitalising and skin-repairing relief with supercooling properties.
Mr. Bear Aftershave Gel, Mint, 60 ml.
Delicious aftershave gel. With refreshing mint scent.
Mr. Bear Aftershave Gel, Sea Buckthorn, 60 ml.
Delicious Aftershave Gel. Fresh scent of Sea Buckthorn.