Abbate Y La Mantia Hand Soap, Almond, 175 gr.

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Treat your hands to pure luxury with Abbate Y La Mantia Hand Soap in almond variety and scented with green oils.

Our hand soap is not just an ordinary hand wash; it is a cosmetic experience.

Enriched with saffron pistil extract, our soap turns a simple hand wash into a deep cleanse with a silky feel and complex hydration.

We understand the importance of absolute anti-bacterial effect, fundamental to togetherness and respect for others.

Our almond variant of the hand soap comes with a low exfoliating effect from green tea leaves.

It offers high hydration and is ultra-gentle, ideal for daily use.

The fragrance experience combines almond and jasmine with notes of camphor, flowers and endolic undertones.

Alternatively, we also have a hand soap with a micro-abrasive effect from poppy seeds.

It is highly emollient and removes bacteria in microcracks in the skin with a delicate micro-exfoliation.

Give your hands the attention they deserve with Abbate Y La Mantia Hand Soap in Almond.
175 gr.
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