Abbate Y La Mantia Face Care

Abbate Y La Mantia offers an exclusive line of face care products that harness the power of natural ingredients to nurture and protect the skin.

Centered around the antioxidant-rich saffron, the range includes face creams, cleansing masks and serums that work harmoniously to renew, hydrate and strengthen the skin.
Perfect for the man who wants to maintain healthy and youthful skin with products that are gentle, effective and made with respect for nature.
Abbate Y La Mantia's facial care range is the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and innovation, offering a daily dose of luxury and well-being for the face.

Treat your skin to the ultimate care and experience a clearer, smoother and more radiant complexion with Abbate Y La Mantia.

Abbate Y La Mantia Face Cream, Krokos, 50 ml.
Has the wonderful scent of saffron flowers.
Abbate Y La Mantia Face- & Bodylotion, Baby, 400 ml.
Mild lotion for the face and body of babies and children.