Truefitt & Hill Sample Mayfair
A modern take on a classic cologne with citrus and floral notes.
Floris No.89, Eau de Toilette, Fragrance Sample, 2 ml.
A classic scent with notes of orange and bergamot.
Floris Leather Oud, Eau de Perfume, Fragrance Sample, 2 ml.
Exclusive scent with notes of leather and sandalwood.
Floris No. 007, Eau de Parfum, Sample, 2 ml.
Floris No. 007 is inspired by the legendary agent's effortless style and substance.
Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar Cologne Sample
Try the Trafalgar Cologne with this Sample.
Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Cologne Sample
Try the Sandalwood Cologne with this sample.
Mr. Bear Perfume, Golden Ember, Sample, 2 ml.
Delicious fragrance with spicy and oriental nuances.
Saponificio Varesino Eau de Parfum Cubebe, Sample, 0.9 ml.
Light, complex scent with citrus and aromatic notes.
Czech & Speake Oxford & Cambridge, Cologne Spray, Sample, 1 ml.
A fresh, classic and stimulating scent that honors the two universities.
A fruity chypre scent, manly and optimistic. It's gonna spice up your day.
Before EUR 1.30
A captivating sweet and spicy fragrance for men.
Before EUR 1.30
Modern, clean, manly. Pure like your intentions, dirty like what might follow.
Before EUR 1.30
A strong, spicy fragrance. A proper old school - and some strength too.
Before EUR 1.30
Beviro Cologne Sample Pack, 4 x 1 ml.
Try the 4 terrific Colognes from Beviro.
Geo F Trumper Eau de Toilette, Skye, Sample, 2 ml.
A fresh scent with a warm base and a floral twist.
Geo F Trumper Cologne, Eau de Quinine, Sample, 2 ml.
A timeless classic. Bittersweet and unique scent.
Geo F Trumper Cologne, Havana, Sample, 2 ml.
An exquisitely strong modern and vibrant cologne.
Geo F Trumper Cologne, Eau de Cologne, Sample, 2 ml.
A real Trumper scent with fresh and woody notes.
Saponificio Varesino Eau de Parfum Samples, 4 pcs.
Find your favorite fragrance from Saponificio Varesino.
Beviro Eau de Toilette, Sophisticated, Sample, 2 ml.
Fragrance sample of sophisticated and fruity fragrance.
Beviro Eau de Toilette, 1918, Sample, 2 ml.
Fragrance sample of spicy and masculine fragrance.
Beviro Eau de Toilette Sample Pack, 4 x 2 ml.
Try the 4 terrific Eau de Toilette from Beviro.