Taylor Of Old Bond Street Moisturizing Cream, Jermyn Street, 50 ml.

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The Jermyn Street series is specially developed for sensitive, delicate and irritated skin.

Taylor Of Old Bond Streets Jermyn Street Moisturizer is a hypoallergenic face cream for pumps especially suitable for sensitive skin.

The cream features the popular Jermyn Street scent, which is discreet, fresh and masculine. It includes notes from lime, bergamot, lavender and vanilla.

Aloe Vera and shea butter are added to the cream, which is very soothing and nourishing on the skin.

You will find lots of other products in the series. For example, Aftershave, hand soap, shaving cream, pre shave, deo stick and gift boxes. These are all suitable for sensitive skin.
50 ml.
Jermyn Street
Use for:
Sensitive skin
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