Tabac - The Gentle Men's Care

Gentle Men's Care is a series from Tabac. The series has a super exquisite scent and contains care products for the demanding man's skin. As the name 'Gentle Men's Care' suggests, the series caters to real gentlemen of all ages.

The products consist of fragrances, deodorants, cleansers, face creams, shaving gels, and aftershaves. In other words, you get everything your skin needs for your daily care routine. You will find moisturizer and aftershave in different consistencies, as men's skin types vary from person to person. Tabac calls the special active substance CELLACTIVE-MEN. This provides moisture to the skin and makes it more resistant to stress.

The products are beautifully presented in minimalist packaging and will look great in any bathroom.
Tabac Gentle Men's Care Moisturizing Gel, 50 ml.
Non-greasy gel that moisturizes the skin optimally during your shave.
Before EUR 16.80
Tabac Gentle Men's Care Moisturizing Cream, 50 ml.
Nourishing face cream that adds a lot of moisture.
Before EUR 16.80
Tabac Gentle Men's Care Deodorant Spray, 150 ml.
24 hour protection against bad odor.
Before EUR 16.80