Do you have a barber or hair salon? Then it is definitely obvious to take a look at the products you will find below. Here we have assembled our range of salon sizes and accessories, made especially for salon use.

Proshave is a Danish and Scandinavian distributor of a number of exclusive brands that we supply for resale. We have carefully selected which brands we have in the range, so that we only offer high-quality, efficient products, delicious ingredients and durable materials.

If you want to sell some of our fantastic brands, there are many more salon sizes than the ones you can see below. However, these are not active in the webshop as they are made specifically for resellers. Finally send us an email at or give us a call on 70 70 18 08 and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect products for your salon, barbershop, webshop and the like.

Charging station for wireless trimmers from Wahl.
Before EUR 46.00
Hairdresser's cape. Perfect for barbershop, hairdresser or home use.
Before EUR 39.30
Medium-soft brush for removing clippings.
Before EUR 16.70
Great for giving a quick brush between cuts.
Before EUR 11.30
Lightly brush fine hair in e.g. the face.
Before EUR 6.00
Neck brush with soft bristles.
Before EUR 14.00
Atomizer with space for 500 ml. liquid.
Before EUR 11.30
Keeps all cutting heads clean and prevents corrosion.
Before EUR 18.00
Instant cooling, lubrication and cleaning for your clipper.
Before EUR 14.00
Lubrication and maintenance of cutting blades.
Before EUR 10.00
Mat for storing your work tools.
Before EUR 35.30
Wall-mounted holder for your hairdryer.
Before EUR 35.30
Charge any combination of 3 cordless Wahl trimmers.
Before EUR 198.00
Proraso Shaving Cream - Refresh, Eucalyptus & Menthol, 500 ml. (Salon)
Softens the beard and gives you a super close shave. Note: 500 ml.
Proraso Beard Oil, Wood & Spice, 100 ml. (Salon)
Softens and nourishes your beard. Even a heavy one.
Proraso Beard Wash, Wood & Spice, 500 ml. (Salon)
Effective shampoo for your beard. Removes dirt without drying the skin.
Percy Nobleman Caffeinated Shampoo & Body Wash, 1000 ml.
Leaving you wide awake and ready to start your day.
Myrsol Shaving Soap, 1000 gr.
Moisturizing shaving soap with lanolin and glycerine.
Mondial Antica Barberia Shaving Cream, Original Citrus, 1000 ml. (Salon)
Super delicious shaving cream in traditional solid form. Salon Size.
Mondial Antica Barberia Shaving Cream, Original Talc, 1000 ml. (Salon)
Super delicious shaving cream in traditional solid form. Salon Size.
Floïd After Shave, The Genuine, 400 ml.
After shave that relieves any irritation.
Furbo Aftershave, Vintage Blu, 200 ml.
Classic Italian aftershave with lovely scent.
Dovo Hair Scissors, Thinning
Hairdressing scissors that thin out the hair.
Zwilling Hair Scissors, 14 cm.
Hair scissors of durable quality. Made of stainless steel.
Proraso Spray with Atomizer
For Aftershave Lotion and Cologne.
Proraso Powder Box, Aluminium
Container for Aftershave Powder / Talcum.
Aluminium Box and Aftershave Powder.
Before EUR 17.30
Floïd Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles
Atomizer for 400 ml. Floïd bottles.
Proraso Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles, Black
Atomizer for 400 ml. bottles from Proraso.
Furbo Atomizer for Aftershave
Spray for your salon-sized aftershave.
Furbo Atomizer for Aftershave, Black
Spray for your salon-sized aftershave.
Proraso Old Style Neck Brush
Brush with nylon hair. Handle of Wood.
Proshave Beard Cape
Effectively catches your beard hair during trimming.
Proraso Poster, 50 x 70 cm.
Poster oozing traditional shaving.
Proraso Blackboard, 48 x 58 cm.
Blackboard in beautiful wooden frame. For chalk.
The Holy Black Barber Cape
Shaving cap in XL. Perfect for any barbershop or hairdresser.
Proraso Classic Barber Cape
Barber Cape. Perfect for any barbershop, hairdresser or at home.
Mühle Shaving Towels, Cotton, 2 pcs.
Shaving Towels in pure cotton. Waffle piqué.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. L
Professional shaving jacket. Size L.
Proraso Barber Jacket, Str. XL
Professional shaving jacket. Size XL.
Shaving Factory Professional Grade Disinfecting Jar, Small, 621 ml.
Container for easy disinfection or sterilization of tools.
Shaving Factory Professional Grade Disinfecting Jar, Big, 1.1 liter
Container for easy disinfection or sterilization of tools.
Greater Hair Scalp Stimulating Wet Brush
Massage brush for the scalp. Stimulates and promotes normal hair growth.