Proshave Beard Set with Beard Brush (Boar), Beard Scissors and Beard Cape

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This set is indispensable for any man with a beard.

The kit contains the following 3 parts:

1) Proshave Beard Scissors
Proshave's very own beard scissors are made of stainless steel of a very high and durable quality. The scissors allow you to cut tightly over the entire cutting surface. That way, you get a perfect, trimmed beard or mustache that oozes wellness and deliciousness.

The scissors have a small finger rest on which you can rest your little finger as you trim the beard. It provides a much better control of the scissors. The pal can be turned on and off if you wish.

You can also use the scissors to trim brows and trays.

2) Proshave Beard Cape
You probably know the problem after trimming your beard: there are beards stumps everywhere.

Fortunately, it's over now!

Proshaves beard cape 'grabs' and effectively collects beard hair during trimming. After trimming, the beard stumps are assembled and just to be thrown in the trash. At the same time, the bathroom is kept neat and clean.

The beard cap is super easy to use. It is a men's apron that is buttoned around the neck. At the other end of the apron are two suction cups that you simply attach to the mirror. When you attach the suction cups, there must be a large gap between them so that the fabric forms just a surface where the beard hairs can land.

3) Proshave Beard Brush, Boar
This Proshave Beard Brush is made with boar brush. It removes dirt, dust and excess product from the beard, so it always appears healthy and well-groomed.

A beard brush distributes your beard oil or beard evenly evenly, has an exfoliating effect on the skin under the beard and therefore minimizes dryness and itching.

Proshave's beard brush is made in a handy travel size.
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