Panasonic ER-DGP82 Professional Hair & Beard Trimmer

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Panasonic's absolute top model. This trimmer is part of the professional range used by both hairdressers and barbers worldwide.

The ER-DGP82 model is the top of the pop when it comes to trimmers in the market. It ensures you the closest and most accurate trimming ever.

The trimmer delivers a new level of cutting. The unique blade technology (X-taper Blade 2.0) has a unique sharpness and is made to get all the hair and stumps in the first place.

The constant speed of the engine gives the Panasonic ER-DGP82 an incredible sharpness. Many normal trimmers can have problems with dense or thick hair, which results in the speed of the motor decreasing and the cutting ability deteriorating. However, this is not a problem here as the speed always remains the same on the cutting blade. It ensures a better and more accurate result.

The hair trimmer has a slim and slim design and a light weight for optimum ergonomics and comfort. This is especially important for hairdressers and barbers who use gear like this for a longer period of time during a day.

Battery life is in a class of its own. The trimmer lasts for about 50 minutes without power - and it is fully charged in just one hour.

Included are 3 combs, each of 2 different lengths. Without the combs, the trimmer has 6 cutting lengths, which can be quickly and easily adjusted with a dial.

- Charging: Fully charged in just one hour
- Cutting time: Can cut up to 50 min. in dash when charged
- Blades: X-taper Blade 2.0, DLC coating + titanium coating, Stainless steel, 45 degrees
- Cutting lengths: 6 different cutting lengths
- Crests: Comes with 3 combs with two settings (3/4 mm + 6/9 mm + 12/15 mm)
- Cord: Can be used with both cord and cordless
- Charger: With convenient charging station
- Battery type: Lithium ion

Click here to download the manual: u1vtnctjv73flzo / oi_ER-HGP82_EU.pdf? dl = 0

Note: This model replaces DGP80 and is thus an improved version of it.
245 gr.
176 × 47 × 48 mm.
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