Dovo Straight Razor 5/8, Spanish point, Buffalo horn

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This Dovo Straight Razor is one of the most popular in Dovo's wide range.

With a Straight Razor, you are guaranteed a classic old-school shaving experience that guides your mind toward a shave in a barber shop.

The Straight Razor is made with handle in Buffalo Horn, which is a very beautiful and durable material. The blade is forged in top quality carbon steel and ensures a tight shave. Note: Since horns are a natural material, the color of the buttocks will vary from light to dark. It also means no scrapers are alike.

The blade width is 5/8 and the tip is a spanish point that gives an exclusive look.

A classic and stylish Straight Razor, perfect for a real wet shaving enthusiast.
Buffalo horn
Razor type:
Straight Razor
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3 580